Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Will & Grace Funniest Bits

Speaking of WAG (thanks Ferdie for mentioning it!), I just couldn't resist to share my favorite bits from seasons 7 & 8. There is a lot of them so I'm gonna have to cut it in parts. I always remember Karen's annoying high-pitched voice- she was my fave kasi taklesa! Enjoy = )
Karen in the subway for the first time:
"What is this place? I've never seen a place so full of immigrants since the Moratamia pulled into Ellis Island."
A fellow Janet Jackson backup dancer talks to Jack
Dancer: "Hello, you must be a newbie." Jack: "If that means do I shave down there, yes!"
Karen and Jack planning what to get for Will's birthday: "So what do we get for Lady Gay?"
Karen, quitting her job as Grace's assistant: "You know for years, I have religiously shown up occasionally at this office.."
Karen, as Jack's secretary. Riiiing! Karen: "Jack McFarland's orifice."
Karen talking with Grace about her job: "Last night,I accepted another position. And, after my date left I got a call about a new job."
Vince cancels thanksgiving dinner at their place
Grace: "Great, no sex and no turkey"
Karen: "Either way, no stuffing for you."
Grace: "Will is known for his perfect Thanksgivings. Except for the one where he proposed, told me he was gay, and snuck out of bed in the middle of the night. But I hardly think about that anymore."
Karen: "Ok Grace, I'm going to tell you something I was saving for your eulogy..."
Will, on why he doesn't want Jack to teach him how to swim:
"I wanna learn from someone that I know who is going to be there to pull me out of the pool. Not someone who puts diving rings on his neck and pretend he is a woman from Kenya!"
More to come! ; )

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