Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fun Fearless Female: Jenalyn Encarnacion

No honey, she's not the heiress sa business na nagtitinda ng korona ng patay. Jena is my good friend I met ages ago at my former office Infonxx.

She was instantly one of my favorites. Quirky, offbeat, and truly unique- we could go hours talking about anything. Did I mention she's bi?
Yup, that is just tip of the iceberg, my friend.

Here's how she writes herself on her About me in Friendster:

THE LIGHTER SHADE OF ME:isang babaeng leon na pinanganak sa taon ng unggoy (leo born in the year of the monkey);mangkukulam (wiccan supporter and palmistry student);nagpapanggap na manunulat (trying hard writer); umiibig sa isang bampirang si leon (vampire lover); nangangarap maging pirata (strawhatpirate fantasy); nagiipon ng mga basura mula sa japan at china (gadget collector); ONEPIECE Certified Addict!!!!

LET'S GET SERIOUS:I love coaching people until they reach the state of full KINETICS (not potential because it is just the energy in place while kinetics is the energy that goes with action);I love learning and coaching while being criticized;I love to meet people who can hate me and/or love me, coz i believe that life has to have the balance of both good and bad to create a masterpiece.

Need I say more? Watch out as I feature other interesting bitches ; ) Who knows, you could be next! Haha


jena said...

I love you thaddues hahahahaha
Wow, instant artista ako d2 ha. good thing i was never part of the pnt-okray hahaha. Panoxyl nga, nakita pa yung pimple ko dyan. bampirang tigyawat ahehehehe.

Phoenix said...

hehehe love you too dear! miss ko talaga kayong lahat promise! di bale I'll make sure i'll see you guys sometime july or aug.. i love you for being a true individual! muah!


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