Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Giant Coup de Ville

I can never forget the song and dance number of Cameron, Christina, and Selma in the movie "The Sweetest Thing"- where they use a Cadillac as a metaphor for a penis (or was it the other way around?)! The scene starts as a conversation between the three girls, and then music starts to pump and everyone in the chinese place gets up and dances. Hilarious!
You're too too big to fit in here (points at mouth)
.. Too big to fit in here (grabs her crotch)
.. Too big to fit in here! (smacks her butt) *
What a lovely ride
Your penis is a thrill
Your penis is a Cadillac
A giant Coup de Ville!
Your penis packs a wallop,
Your penis packs a load
and when it makes delivery
it needs its own Zip Code!
Your penis is so strong
Your penis is so smooth
Your penis got a rhythm
Your penis makes me groove!
Your penis is a dream
the biggest one I've seen!
It's oozy and its cream.
Your penis is so big
your penis is so thick
your penis is so pretty!
Your penis is so hard
your penis is so large,
My body is a movie and your penis is the star! *

1 comment:

runawaycat said...

That's the show where Cameron got f*cked in the eye right? HAHAhah! That's one funny show! Loved it!


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