Monday, May 21, 2007

Beauty: Perfect Brows to Frame Your Face

I've always believed beauty, whether it presented itself in art, architecture, nature, or in the human form- follows certain rules. These rules are symmetry, proportion, rhythm and grace.
A person's face can be transformed by his /her eyebrows. They frame the eyes- our most expressive part of our face, and enhances the symmetry of the entire face. We have seen eyebrow style evolve through the years. The thin, long, exagerrated brows dominated the flapper-era of the 40's. In the 70's and 80's grooming took a backstage as bushy eyebrows (ala Brooke Shields) became a hit. In the 90's, the ideal face was again transformed as a new rennaisance of meticulous brow grooming emerged- thanks to make-up artists like Kevyn Aucoin.
Brow know-how
Let's get to the basics. First, go to a well lighted area. Find a large mirror where you can see your face as a whole. Compact mirrors offer convenience, but believe me you won't want to make any mistakes here because it takes a while before the brow grows. It would be great to have your brows shaped by a professional (either razor, wax or threading) but tweezing will do fine, as long as you are careful.
Look at the illustration above. Step 1 is to locate where the brow should ideally start. If it goes beyond this, it usually indicates a potential for a unibrow (think Salma Hayek in Frida). Use a straight object like a pencil. Move the pencil to the angle illustrated (where your the iris of your eyes would be when you look straight ahead), this will indicate where the arch should be. Step 3: move the pencil further down such that it intersects the outermost corner of the eye. This is where the brow should end. In finding the right shape try to base it on your natural brows, doing drastic changes (including having them bleached) should only be done by a professional. Males in general have thicker brows compared to the ladies, whose soft faces can carry thinner brows.
In case you happened to overtweeze, don't despair! Break open a Vitamin E Softgel (at least 200IU or higher) and rub it on the area in circular motion ten times. It can feel a little icky so do this before you go to bed. The Vit e also helps moisturize the skin. A bonus: lashes can grow longer if you also massage them with a little Vit e.. Just don't overdo it ; )

A beautiful face framed by the perfectly groomed eyebrow.

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