Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Personal Favorite

I’ve decided to make a Part II of my favorite short story “The Long Weekend”. It’s the story of Gabby, who falls for his officemate Eric, his “impossible dreamboat”. In Part 1, the revelation is made during a trip the two friends make to Sagada, Mountain Province. Alas, the sentiment was not reciprocated by Eric but rather cause an abrupt end to their friendship.

The story continues in the second installment, as Gabby tries to move on with his life by taking a new direction. On a chance visit to Manila, fate plays a trick on him and allows him to see Eric once more.

The story is loosely based on my personal experiences, and some of the characters in the story are based on real people (take my best friend Tatat, for example). This had been truly a joy to write and since I sometimes write from my memories- forming the words are almost effortless.

These are the links to Part 1 (all four Chapters). This week, in Part II of The Long Weekend, we’ll get to see if there is a happy ending for Gabby and Eric.

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ardee sean said...

Haven't read the story yet, but really you have a nice photo there.

May drama..hehe.. :p


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