Sunday, April 6, 2008

Calicoan Island

On the way..
Gavin and his ipod
"It's laundry day."
Gavin doing his best Pacquiao impression."
In hi Pjs
Banging on the mirror at the hotel.
Gavin and his Mommy.
My brother (a year old in this photo), see Gavin's resemblance to his Dad?
On a tricycle.
In a laundry basket...
Nanay, serene at 82.
Aww Gav and a puppy.
This was at Crystal Beach.
Mama, my brother Ted (who is in the US Navy), and his girl Dimple.
Me holding a dead baby shark (and Gavin looking on).
Playing in the water.
More playing in the water.
Time to test the Olympus waterproof cam.
Nice beach!
Gavin, Tito Thad and Tito Ted.
Ted boy.
Sand bar.
Agnes, Thad, Ted and Dimple.
Ted swimming.
There I go- bandages and all.
Walang katapusang pag-pacute.
Dimple and Ted at Calicoan Villa.
Gav and Mommy.
Magkano ang pasahe?
On the sand.
Freshly caught fish tapos sinugba.
Tito Thad and Gavin.
.. dozing off a bit.
Trying the oars.
Mama and Gav.
at Sulangan church..
Fresh fish.
Nanay takes a dip.
Gav learns to float.
Gav and Mommy Agnes.
Nay, anong klaseng langoy yan?
Me again.

Abercrombie underwater (bandages have come off but I need to shield the area from the sun so I just wore my t-shirt)..
Heading home. Ahh an endless summer = ) I love Samar!


cant_u_read said...

hi tito ted!


Mugen said...

Someday, I will give myself a break and travel around the country by riding a bus. :)

Phoenix said...

@ mark: hehe hay naku

@ rye: haha

@ mugen: tell me when sama ako! ; ) if you are in region 8 sabihin mo lang i'll tour you around

Anonymous said...

was kinda worried what u did to your arm, only to remember that you wanted those tattoos removed for some time now.


chase / chubz said...

taray.. live via satellite kaya yung interview moh?
i wanna see that!

chase / chubz said...

oops wrong post. hehehe. sorry.
what i meant to say was.. cute puppy.. and the kid to. heheh

ika said...

oh. so tattoo was removed...

travelphilippines said...

mmmmm niceee sooo nice especially if your travelling with the fam or great friends....


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