Friday, May 18, 2007

Beyond Miss Diva: Impostor the Cat

Yup, there she is! We named her Impostor because she used to be Pusakal (read: pusang kalye, as in we picked her up from the street), but she has this feline grace and divalike attitude as any expensive cat breed may have.

She poops at a sand-filled pot in the terrace and never makes a mess.. After answering the call of nature, she gingerly cleans her fur, and thus begins her morning ritual.

She's quite malambing most of the time (especially if she wants food from you!), she rubs her furry body and meows a lot. But watch out! She can claw her way to the top (of the table ; ) like any self-respecting supermodel to get her prize (the Lechon Manok we were having for lunch)..

Ahh such an unforgettable pet. Look at her pose in the pic above. BANGIS!!! Fierce! Tyra Banks, ikaw ba yan?

1 comment:

Mark Xander said...

your kitty looks like a sphinx - with hair (so better, lol)


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