Monday, May 21, 2007

ATTENTION, Muscle Freaks!

We have tackled grooming and skin care must-haves in the previous posts (click the label Beauty or Fitness to see all related articles), now let us turn our attention to weight management.

Ok, so I'm not an expert or a personal trainer, and its good that you are skeptical before you listen to someone's advice. But I did my homework and researched and read a lot of material before writing this, not to mention years and years of struggle on weight fluctuations I had myself- so I do know a few things.

The Philosophy of Fitness

Before you start dieting or going to the gym, make sure you get what the concept of fitness really is (in addition, make sure to check with your doctor as well!). Fitness is not just bulking up by working out at the gym like a maniac- because there are other facets to fitness. To better express my point, I'll use an example- Yoga. The practice of yoga focuses on breathing, meditation, fluidity of movement, flexibility, and strength. All of these result not only in a lean body, but also a calm mind. The approach is always holistic.

When a person decides to get fit, that means more than just doing aerobics in your living room and forgetting all other aspects such as proper diet, or mental fitness. To become truly fit and in the best condition one must make changes in his/her lifestyle. Do you sit on the couch all day? Smoke or drink excessively? Eat like there's no tomorrow? Or maybe you are stressed, or a person who worries too much. Think of the adjustments you have make on your current lifestyle, otherwise you efforts will be in vain (ever see those folks who are at the gym almost everyday, yet in 6 months acheived nothing?).

Instead on making a looong article, I will split them into separate posts. Here's the list of the succeeding posts:

1. Best Workout Practices

2. No-nonsense Weight Loss Foods and When to Eat Them

3. Pilates and Yoga New York Style: a Review

Watch out for them ; )

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