Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good Ole Galera

First up on our travel itinerary is Puerto Galera, and this place spells F-U-N. This is the closest and most accessible destination from Metro Manila so expect to see a lot of yuppies looking to unwind.
I can't remember how many times I've been to this place. I lost count! Since our first team building ages ago, me and my friends have returned a number of times.
Let's start with the arrival. After and hour+ travel by MB brian from Batangas Pier, you begin to see emerald waters and the coastal landscape of White Beach and the surrounding islad resorts. I always leave early from Manila (3:00am) so we are able to catch the first rays of the sun while we are at sea.
The sand may not be as white and fine as in Bora, but its just as inviting. After we dock the first thing on my mind is to get my stuff up to my room so we can take a dip. My friends and I don't usually make reservations (unless its summer- peak season) because the friendly Shiela Mae (our Galera girl who always greets us with a smile) shows us around the new places that just opened.
There are a lot of things you can do in Galera but I'll just give my top five.
5-- SEAFOOD BINGE I love seafood. When I'm in galera I stuff myself with shrimp, calamares, fish, and crabs. (Sizzling Gambas are great at Peter's) One thing though-- the price is just as expensive as in any Manila establishment.. What's up with that? = )
4-- SNORKELLING Ask anyone who have been to Gale.. This is always a favorite activity. Rent a boat for about 1K to 1,5K (know how to haggle!!) and treat yourselves to a little island hopping and snorkelling. Just watch out for jellyfish.. Bring an underwater camera!!
3-- SUNBATHING As a lazy person, this is essential to get that I'm-into-sports that's-why-I'm-tan look.. Or simply putting a little color to your pale complexion. This is essential so you can brag to people in the office about your vacation hehe
2-- MINGLE As mentioned before, a lot of people come here- tourists, both local and foreign, yuppies, students, what have you. This is a great place to meet people and possible dates
1-- PARTY Alcohol!! Dancing and partying till 4am!! That's the spirit that's uniquely Galera. Definitely the best part of the trip!!
This destination earns FOUR stars from me = )


runawaycat said...

Heh I just found out there's a plan to go to Puerto Galera a little while ago. I wouldn't know what you're talking about if I didn't read my email. It's going to be an expensive trip though. 4 stars, eh? Hmm...

Phoenix said...

Worth the trip. Fun crowd kasi.. the nature stuff is ok naman.. but not as pristine as palawan or samar


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