Monday, May 30, 2011

Young Blood

The challenge for me was to shorten the article (the limit was 6,500 characters with spaces) but after 2 edits the best I could do was 6,999 characters with spaces. Nonetheless I was very thankful and thrilled when I received the call from PDI a few days after I submitted that they are publishing it. The lady did inform me that the editor will have discretion on some changes, and I was a little surprised the title along with a lot of things were revised. I guess my dramatic writing style isn't that much suited for limited space in the Opinion page haha! Thanks to the Philippine Daily Inquirer for the opportunity...

Philippine Daily Inquirer Vol.26 No.172 Tuesday, May 31,2011
or see their webpage

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Lots of fun during the 2 hour forest trek...
Some parts of the trail were slippery,
but the experience was certainly worth the trip to Batangas!
Thanks to the very nice staff of Sandari who gave us a free Forest trek
(t.y. also for the complimentary compass and bottle of water for the team!).
Blog readers, feel free to visit this emerging community in Batulao,
10 mins by car from Tagaytay.


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