Sunday, May 20, 2007

Redeeming Photos from PNTM

In fairness to the PNTM folks, they also produced some very good photos (although I can't say it was consistent). So for this entry, I'd like to show my favorite photos for this cycle: I love the set, and the overall effect conveys high fashion. Joy seemed to fade into the background (she should have grabbed Grendel's spot!), and her arm carrying the knife looks stiff. Grendel does a good job with the pose. Notice the diagonal line of her body? It appears as if she's moving! The face is ok but her legs look amputated- she should have kicked that barrel out of the way!
One of the most dramatic makeovers this season was Joy's. She went from sweet, country lass to completely modelesque. What a difference a few snips make!
Grendel's beach shot: Love the tan, the hair and makeup works, I'm feelin' the posture and the look in her eyes. Nice one!
This was Bambi's second-to-the-last photo before she got eliminated. They say she used to be a hand model- and it shows! Love the look, although looking at her photos, she doesn't show much versatility in her facial expression. This photo is nice though.
Elf is a very tall woman who needs to look soft and pretty, otherwise she'd look like a man in drag! For this shoot, she looks all woman!
This is one of the rare reptile shoot that actually worked. The clothes? Uggh, but she worked it though. Love the fierceness.
This is Joy's best photo. Her face simply jumps out of the frame! She looks fantastic!!
Should there be a Cycle two, I guess we know what to work on ; ) Don't skimp on the budget because the quality gets compromised! Angeli's comment on the previous PNTM post I had was true- they are trying too hard to copy America's Next Top Model. We should have our own format so it doesn't appear like a cheap knockoff!

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