Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ANTM Cycle 4 Best Moments Captured

September 9, 10Am Dear Diary, I got in!! I'm in LA for America's Next Top Model! I'm gonna be the next Tyra Banks!! I'll win this sucker!!
September 9,10:14Am Dear Diary, F&$#^! I haaate everyone! Why did I get cut first?! That wasn't even 15 minutes of fame! Mga Hayup kayoooo! Hayuuuuup!
Michelle: What's the first photoshoot? Smurf crossed with a troll? Shit! How am I gonna go back to my boyfriend? I'll just go all the way and be a muff diver.
Keenyah does a Miss USA.
Tiffany: America's Next Most Wanted to America's Next Top Model.
Tyra blowing a fuse with Tiffany's attitude. She was also pissed at PNTM's choice of host.
Ruffa? Ruffaaa? Who the f*ck is that? That bitch is gonna ruin my show!! Oh no you di-int!
Nole Marin, Queen Nefertiti herself. "Bakit kaya sumali and mga itech! Hindi naman kagandahan!"
Brita: "I'm wearing completely sheer underwear! How am I supposed to feel comfortable posing like this?"
Nigel: "This is a fashion shoot. It's not about comfort. Now, spread your legs and show me some labia."
Poor Brita gets eliminated first AND have a horny cameraman zoom into her boobs. America's Next Top Hooters na lang salihan mo day..

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