Monday, May 21, 2007

Pamintas vs. Parloristas

The gay universe is simply much, much more complex than what straight had thought.. Nowadays, we cannot just say "gay" or "straight"- we have bisexuals, "curious" straight people (read: pumapatol), transexuals, and even a lot of "subspecies" under the gay category. Two of these are the Pamintas (Pa-Mhin, or straight-acting) and the Parloristas (the more flamboyant, make-up wearing divas). Let us read through the article I found at Lastresestrellas blog:

The Parloristas: Mga bading na obvious. Not necessarily a cross-dresser pero mostly colorful ang wardrobe (and sometimes couture na ang dating). Di nahihiyang mag make-up in public. Maingay at rampadora ala Kate Moss pero mas bongga nga lang. Tarush!

Type na Papa: Playboy, este Palaboy na Macho (as in Alfred-Vargas-Macho). Not the type na mahilig mag-dyogdyogan sa mga Pamintas.

President: John Lapus.

The Pamintas: Syems bading din pero straight-acting naman. Discreet daw. Malalim ang boses ng karamihan (na medyo pilit na ang datech kung minsan). May division pa sila: One is the “out Type” and the other is the “Closeted Ones”. Divash? Vungga! Parang Organization talagah. Mostly mga gym buff sila. Palakihan ng katawan ang drama.

Type na Papa: their fellow pamintas. Exclusive ang mga gagah!

President: Piolo Pascual.

Personally, I'm happy the way I look- I mean, I don't want to wear dresses and all that. I am quite discreet so maybe that's why I lean more towards being Paminta. (More power to our President LOL!) Don't get me wrong, I looove gayspeak. If you read through some of the articles here (the one's where I criticize) super okray to the max ang lola nyoh! Just kidding. See? I can sound parlorista!

Probably my point is this: stop categorizing people (the gay and lesbian community, in particular)! Stereotypes and the stigma that comes with it should be history. We are people endowed with our own thinking, so let us learn to respect the variety and diversity of people. So, pamintas vs. parloristas? Ladies, its a tie!!

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