Wednesday, May 23, 2007

600 Hits, 36 Articles, and a Lot of Fulfillment in 6 Days

First things first. I know you are wondering what Eric McCormack's pic is doing next to mine. As I was sending invites and e-mails to people, wanting them to check this page so that it would help with my "second coming-out" (hehe nice term huh?), I had a lot of responses.
One in particular was from my brother. He said it was ok for me to me gay, as long as I don't go trannie or something. Perhaps a drag queen is what some people imagine when hear the word "gay". Eric's picture represents Will Truman, his character on Will & Grace. Will is a successful lawyer, good looking, sophisticated, sensible, and perhaps a little catty sometimes. That's what I want to be! Well, not a lawyer exactly but a person with substance and intelligence, and one who doesn't necessarily wear a dress.



Wow, in such a short span of time, you've written a lot of entries already. Keep it up. Just a suggestion: for the longer entries, you may want to consider using the expandable post hack. :)

Phoenix said...

Thanks Misterhubs! I have been trying to find those hacks (and even tried some of them but aside from being tedious, none of the ones I tried worked. What hack did you use?

I can't say enough how much I appreciate your comment.. Thanks uli!


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