Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Best of Friends

I was in college, I think when Friends came out. It was only when I bought the DVD from seasons 1-10 that I was able to see all the episodes of one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. I could always relate to their predicaments- like having a crappy job, being unemployed, the woes of dating, the fear and loneliness, the excitement of making it on your own in a big city, and having great friends to share your success with.
When Rachel first knew she was going to be alright on her own. "I've got magic beans." Chandler breaks up with Janice..
And again.
Chandler, Janice, and his future wife Monica.
Joey kisses Chandler on New Year's uyy! ; )
Ross and his Great Love.
Rachel brings flowers for Ross, who was arriving from China..
Using the bouquet to "stop the bleeding", shocked at seeing him with his new squeeze Julie.

Ross and Rachel's first kiss. Finally!!
Monica, and the fake Monica who taught her a new side of herself.
Monica, 26 breaks up with Young Ethan, 17. "It would have worked out if you were older..
or if we lived in Biblical times."
Phoebe gives Monica a haircut ala Dudley Moore.
Joey moves out.
That was just the first CD. Stick around for more ; )


Anonymous said...

hEY I was hooked 2 Friends when it was still being aired at abc 5, though havent seen all the episode? Do you also fancy HEROES? :)

Phoenix said...

heroes? yung mga chinese ba yun? di ako familiar e ; ) faves ko ally mc beal, friends, grey's anatomy, and will & grace


My favorite Friends moment of all time was the Ross-Rachel First Kiss. So kilig.

Anonymous said...

for me, the best f.r.i.e.n.d.s moment was the sixth season ender when monica proposed to chandler. best episode for me, was bizarro friends, the 'what-if' episode of season six. (what if monica was still fat, rachelle didnt run out of her wedding, ross didnt get his first divorce, etc.)


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