Monday, May 28, 2007

BLOGWATCH: Misterhubs

My day won’t be complete without checking this blog. Well written and wonderfully entertaining, his entries will have you giggling at his hilarious critiques (like on this year’s Fashion Week), funny recounts of Philippines Next Top Model episodes, and a fresh spin on mundane everyday things (I can never forget Misterhubs Does Number Two—a classic ; )

This guy is obsessed with Leandro Okabe (who isn’t?), and religiously updates the eye-candy’s latest pics. Don’t miss posts like “Rejected Album Titles” and “The KASOLAH”, or the priceless “Local Celebrities and their Animal Look-alikes.” He covers a longer list of topics than Celine Dion’s cathedral-length veil.

Click here to view Dennis Trillo’s Gay Kissing Scene – one of my favorites.
Definitely worth a look. Watch out for more Blogwatch ; )



Can I just give you a kiss for that? Hehe. Thanks for the review. It brightened up my night. I'm a fan of your blog as well. :-)

Phoenix said...

My pleasure ; ) my friends were dying of laughter with the Dennis Trillo kissing thing. I don't think it's possible to stifle giggles especially when he arches his neck hihi


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