Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gym Stories

Don't you just hate it when people don't follow gym etiquette? Here are some of the most annoying things that really pisses me off:
1. Women sitting around hogging the equipment. I would understand if you needed a rest between sets, but come on! 30 minutes sitting on a machine fiddling with your cell is not a workout. Move your ass, that ought to burn calories!

2. Men who try to impress by lifting 1 ton of weight, and all the while screaming like a little girl as they try to lift it. I usually see this coming when a bunch of "body builders" come in. Here goes! AAARRRRGGGHH.. EEEEEE!! Can you guys put yourselves on mute, please? Better yet, move a mile away. Sheesh!
3. Men who come on to you while working out. Once I was on a treadmill and this old queen used the one next to me.. I was quite polite at first, but as she pressed on asking for my lifestory I just had to cut my cardio time. Memo to all queers: cruising schedule is after the workouts, venue locker room.

4. Men who leave the equipments slathered in their sweat. Yuck! Even if the guy is the best looking in the gym, its just gross!! You are already slipping as it is, your grip isn't gonna get better with his Datu Puti slathered on the weights and benches.
5. Men make pa-contest with you to see who can lift heavier weights. Straight men do this because of the ego thing. I know I'm not tall and strong so forgive me for not using the Arnold Schwarzenegger-size weights.

But its not all bad stuff.. I'll also share some of the fun moments I've had:
1. I drank a cute guy’s water. (Accidentally daw, ching!) And, realizing my water was with my locker keys on another machine, I quickly returned his bottle, anticipating an ass-kicking. Instead, he went ahead and drank it. (If he was aware or unaware of what I did, I'll never know) Uyyy! hehe

2. At Fitness First RCBC, I was using a leg machine (the one where you spread your thigh) and looked at the guy in front of me provocatively (OK Guilty!) while I opened and closed hihihi It worked!

3. Stayed in the steam room for sooo long I almost suffocated, well it was worth the sights heheh

4. Someone stole my undies (all my money and phone intact) at the same gym. I had to go back home lest I go to my shift at work commando. I was pissed and flattered at the same time. Awww!
5. Stretching with a cute trainer—the best! Ahihi


runawaycat said...

Nice one!

Phoenix said...

Thanks runawaycat = )

Riki The Dark said...

"Someone stole my undies (all my money and phone intact) at the same gym" - When this happens to me, I'm just hoping that the hunky trainer or the cute gym bunny stole it! I'd give them more soiled undies if they like. =)

Very nice and funny entry, Thad! Keep it up!

Phoenix said...

Thanks Riki! ; )

joelmcvie said...

Hi! I also work out at FF+ and I really find some of the trainers cute. Some like Kirk or Cesar dahil cute ang face; si Kirk naman, ang ganda ng katawan din, kaya win-win situation siya, hahaha! Then si Jun and RB, di gaanong guwapo, pero pagnagbibihis na sila, I can't take my eyes off their bodies! Nryarap to the bones.

Phoenix said...

KFC daw ba? hehe I know! I'm worried I might put my pants on backwards 'cause I had my eye on something else ; )


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