Thursday, May 24, 2007

5 Common Misconceptions About Gay People—and Allow Me to Clear it up For You

Misconception: A mistaken thought, idea, or notion.

We are weak.

Wrong. Maybe it’s the fact that some of us show emotion so readily or cry in public easily, or maybe the fact that some of us cannot throw a ball- people see us as weak. Well, listen to this: If we were weak, how come after years of ridicule and spite from people and their dogs, we manage to survive? Better yet, how come a lot of gay people make it to the top ranks, rising against overwhelming odds? Maybe it’s the persistence or determination; or maybe it is just because we are sick of being walked all over.

We jump at every man we see.

Are you kidding me with this? Maybe its an ego trip or what, how come a lot of low-life men assume that we are ready to throw ourselves at their feet because they are men? Hello!! I have a penis too! LOL! There’s nothing you have that I don’t have. Ever heard of Quality Control? We implement them, and creeps don’t make the cut.

We are too emotional.

Some of us maybe so, but not all. Everyone, man or woman, gay or straight may feel strong emotions. What is in question is how one acts on it. Do not stereotype that as a “gay quality”.

We are all effeminate and love to wear women’s clothes.

Wrong again. You have probably met our cross dressing sisters- lovely aren’t they? But that does NOT encompass the whole of the gay population. You would not believe, but I met manly married men (yes, married to women) wanting to get some man-time on the side.

We are much more immoral than straight people and will surely go to hell.

I’m sorry, I must have missed something. Are you God? Because the last time I recall it is He who makes the judgments. There are moral straight men and women and immoral straight men and women. Also we have moral gay men and women and immoral gay men and women. It all boils down to personal conduct and faith, regardless of sexual orientation. Again, emphasis on refraining from judging gay people, let us leave that to God, shall we?
The Bottomline:

SEXUAL ORIENTATION SHOULD NEVER BE AN ISSUE, as much as race, gender, and social status. These should never be basis for discrimination. Period.


Milandra said...

I like this article. You're right that it all boils down to personal conduct and faith. I rate this at 9.99 out of 10

Phoenix said...

@ milandra: Thanks M! I wrote this back in my angry days.. I am a bit more subtle now.. This post has already been sanitized, actually. It was way cattier before.. At least I got it all out ; )

filhombre said...

Lovely! Brief but explicity expressed and straaight to the point. Tuod gid!


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