Thursday, March 5, 2009

Room with a View or Fastfood with Greasy Fries

For the record, I’m allowing myself the luxury of 20 minutes of guilt-free blogging as a way to blow off steam. I have two more Final exams tomorrow, and I haven’t slept in two days- I know I shouldn’t waste my time but screw it…

Woolf said a woman needs a room of her own if she is to write fiction, Thadie says he needs fastfood junk to study Curative and Rehabilitative Nursing! Oh but I don’t limit myself, no Sir. Sometimes you’d find me taking a bite of Chickenjoy at the Jollibee on Zamora overlooking the pier, with notes in hand, sometimes sipping hot coffee and scanning a four inch thick book, or dipping greasy salted fries on a tub of ketchup at Mcdo at 11pm. My veins need caffeine to function, and a whole lot of grease to oil up what’s left of my working neurons.

It is a desperate attempt to cram everything inside my head. Otherwise, we don’t want to resort to the same monkeyshines other students are into. I remember once during a 70 item long quiz, some instructors made a simple mistake of having a section take the examination earlier than everybody else- by noon not only did everyone know of the exact coverage, students actually had all the answers! Students who were brave enough resorted to the classic codigo, but chicken shits like me got torn between going through readings and looking at the answers. In the end, I decided to memorize 50 items by clustering them by fives, (and adding a tune) and answer the rest. So when the exam started, I was humming to myself bdcca-bbcaa-addcb… in three minutes I had but twenty more items to answer. In the end, we all got busted not because someone got caught but because the scores were simply unbelievably high. Imagine, the delinquent suddenly having a near-perfect score, when in comparison, his short quizzes (if at all he attended class) were below passing. Ok, so lesson learned, shenanigans are out of question, and that’s why I’m still at this spot, in this table, at midnight.

Looking around me is like gazing into a mirror: all tables are filled with students and their respective mountains of photocopies and risographed readings, faces distracted, munching on a donut, with earphones firmly in place and wires dangling from their faces. This place is a virtual school canteen in the wee hours of the morning.

Drat, my 20 minutes is over. Adieu!


MINK said...

those were the days...

goodluck sa exams... dont worry lapit na summer, time to enjoy naman after all the hardwork

miss you! ingat lagi, Godbless you both!

Emotionally Sloppy said...

ohhh nice you didn't say "xeroxed" like most people. Its a pet peeve of mine. "Xerox" is a friggin brand right word is photocopy and not xerox. uhhhmmm la lang LOL.

Good luck on your exam =)

Phoenix said...

@ Mink: Friendship!! Ingat lagi

@ Emotionally Sloppy: Haha I'll keep that in mind ; ) Thanks!


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