Monday, May 21, 2007

Fun Fearless Female: Remejoy Sagdullas

I resent that you think I only feature freaks in my Fun Fearless F_____ (fill in the blank, try not to use four letter words since we are PG 13 here LOL!) posts. These bitches are close to my heart.
Remejoy or Yojemer as she would put it in her friendster, has been a friend of mine since I was 13. High school was a hoot because of our barkada. She's talkative, witty, gutsy, and has a few screws loose in her head. That's what I love about her.. Rem puts the "HO" back in Homo.
Once we made a "movie" and she was filming a dramatic scene with a classmate. I sneaked into the background and sashayed ala Naomi Campbell (odiba magka-batch kami!). My famous walk was seen in editing, but luckily cut from the final film. Whew! It was so much fun though because we were laughing all over. Presently, this Ho is working as an editor in Ortigas, I think. Dear, hurry home we miss ya over here!

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