Thursday, May 17, 2007


"To the Greatest Boss one can ever have: Thank you so much for the endless motivation you gave me & the team. We'll miss you so much! You've been a big part of us.."
"Boss Thad, I will really miss you. Thank you for everything. The advices, the stories, the laughs and the tears. You are the best TM I ever had. More success and stay happy."
"Hi Boss.. goodluck sa career.. Hope to see you again soon.. We'll miss you. You inspired me a lot.. You keep me striving.. Thanks for being the greatest boss.. and for the friendship. I wish you all the best the world could give.. Take care"
"Hi Thad! La lang miss ka namin. Ka miss yung mga tanong namin na lagi kang may sagot, lagi kaming updated.. Yung pag pamper mo sa amin, mga letters of encouragement, yung bilib mo sa bawat isa sa amin, I guess you know us by heart na eh.. Haay life! Laking kawalan ka talaga. I know mga plastic lang talaga sila di nila maamin yun. Kaw pa, kakabit mo success eh! Basta prayers lang.."
"thanks 4 d inspiration boz. honestly b4 i met u i wudnt have thought of ambitioning high/beter positions. didnt have d guts/confidenz. u taught me mor, helpd me 2 b mor. i stil get nervus @tyms bt i dont let it hindr me anymor. thanks 4 dtrust boz i think it made all d diferenz."
I miss you guys.. you inspired me a lot and made the 4 years at info fruitful.. I will never forget you.

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