Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Some Guys Say Before They Take You to Bed

We all live parallel lives.. I’m sure you’ve heard them all before:

Guy: I’ll be gentle!
Thad: Yeah, right. Then I won’t be able to sit and walk properly for a week.

Guy: Anong gusto mong cariño?
Thad: What? Just pull your pants off and get on with it! I need to be at work in about 7 hours.

Guy: Let’s go to my place for a drink..
Thad: Before or after?..

Guy: Are you a bottom? asks a 6foot guy
Thad: Obvious ba?

Guy: (Brushes his hand on my arm)
Thad: Got it, let’s get back to my place.

My fatal line: Years ago, Ive been seeing this guy from the office for quite some time. One evening after a date, we sneaked into his place. After some heavy duty kissing, I couldn’t resist asking him about the relationship. “So, where is this going?”

Guy: (Looses his hard on.)
Oops, my bad!

1 comment:

theveganprince said...

Whoa! :) You are saying it as it is, Thad. LOL.

P.S. Thank god you're a bottom too. ;)


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