Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pinoy Gay Blogs

Can't get enough on gayblogs? You're in luck! This fantastic site lists a number of the best gay blogs. Fashion, Beauty, Men, Dating, Gay Issues and a whole lot more!! You'll find more queens here than all of the European countries combined. Son sinfully délicieux!!
Visit the link below:

Here's one of my favorite sites- Manila Gay Guy. Probably one of the most influential and widely read blogs in the Philippines. Definitely worth your time!


jan said...

hi thad!

what can i say?you mush have liked me enough to trust me with the truth:-)

seriously though, it shouldn't be a problem if you're gay.hey! we can't choose who we are.besides, gay or not,we're all children of god.

if you ever need someone to share a cup of coffee with, i'm a call away. you can always entertain me with your take on life. god knows how i need intelligent and humorous conversations! this place is still teeming with a lot of conservativeness...

Phoenix said...

True!! I'd love to hang out with totally uncensored, hilarious people (not a lot here in Tacloban). I really had a fantastic semester, and believe me Organic Chem was a lot more interesting because of you. I'll see you around!


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