Saturday, May 19, 2007

Seven Deadly Sins

This was by far, one of my favorite photoshoot concepts of all time for ANTM. The models had to pose inside a coffin, at the bottom of an 8 foot grave. Yikes! On top of that they must be able to effectively convey the deadly sin that was assigned to them. I just have to say I admired Kahleen's professionalism in this shoot- she learned the previous night that one of her friends had passed away, she was in shambles but she definitely pulled it together and made it work.
Let us look at the photos:
WRATH Flawless. I am going to echo Nole Marin's comment: If you look in the dictionary and find wrath this is what you'll see. Kahleen was such a pro and was able to channel her energies into making the photo work. BRAVO!
I love Naima. Right from the beginning, she was one of the strongest candidates. Distictive and edgy, it was hard to miss her (she was the winner in this cycle, by the way). The body language is great and so is the face. What kept it from being a perfect ten was that she could have made her facial expression a bit more nasty- truly envying someone and hating them because they have what you want.

Her facial expression could have looked better with more wickedness. "Yes, I have everything! I want more!" I just don't see the intensity here. And look at her just lying there.. her body looks blah.


Christina has always been the girl with zero sex appeal. For this shoot though, she was vavavoom! She really pulled it off in this red outfit. I love the face (i like it that her lips are parted because she has very thin lips and it looks full and luscious now), love the posture, love the hands touching her booty. Haha Love it!

Was this pride, or gay pride? She looks like a drag queen! Michelle is a 6 foot blonde woman- and they should've turned it down a bit. Her expression could be over the top SMUG, yet the make-up, dress, and hair should suit her. She makes Ru paul look like a nun in comparison!


This is not one of my favorite shots of Britney. She's usually vivacious and sexy, with a larger-than-life personality. She looks like she has a neck injury and the outfit is drab. Poor Britney.

I could not find a good quality picture of Keenyah's Gluttony, but trust me honey- it wasn't worth looking at. Tatiana was eliminated in this round.

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