Monday, May 28, 2007

Pick Me Up

We’ve all been there. I once had just received a 40K+ paycheck for two weeks worth of work plus the delayed prorated salary increase, had great friends, just moved in to my first apartment, and I’ve been seeing a cutie.. Yet my mood sagged lower than an 80 year old’s boobs. Perhaps those are just days when you realize what you wanted wasn’t really what would made you happy. Or maybe I missed my folks. Or maybe “meron” lang ako nun. (hehe!)

For those days when we feel a little under the weather we need some cheering up. Loud friends and fun night outs help, but let me suggest some things you can do.

Shake the Dust Off
Maybe you carry too much baggage (past relationships, broken friendships, holding a grudge against someone) and its time to put those on the trash chute. If that doesn’t do it, confront what’s bothering you so you can deal with it and move on.

Losing it, In My Terms
During the time my parent’s marriage was on the rocks, I took most of the impact. I played mediator, not only to Mama and Papa but to the warring sides of their families. My solution? During the height of it all, I would leave the house at 6:30am (so I would avoid a confrontation with my Dad) Eat all my meals at school, and go home at 11:30pm, hammered. I’m not endorsing alcohol here, but let me explain: I am a very controlled person who always did the right thing and always got good grades.. It was simply too much for me to deal with all those and have the discipline I had. So I let go of my control (I told myself It’s human to blow a fuse once in a while) on one condition: I don’t mess up my grades. Well, I did let go that week but learned other ways to cope (see below), for the record I still had a 1.73 GWA during that sem.

Have a Little Faith
After my Karen Walker phase, I started going to church again. My approach this time was to tone down the crazy and pray a little bit more. I did feel a lot peaceful when I attended the 5:30 mass everyday after class. I was able to study pretty well for the midterms and I was less angry and snappish when Papa and I had another episode.

Put it in Perspective
Whatever it is can’t be that bad. Some people in Somalia have bigger problems than you. So stop whining, take a deep breath and do something productive.

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