Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mrs. Jon Mullaly

I know, right? It’s too soon for me to get married, I mean I just turned 18! LOL! “Jon,” I said. “It’s too soon.. You know my parents would disapprove.” I said huskily as I tossed my beautiful blonde hair. “Ok, just come sit on my lap baby.” Jon said.

I was getting frustrated.. “How many times do I have to say, I’m not going to give you my flower!.. I’m really saving it for our special night.” I said as I teasingly adjusted my Victoria’s Secret lace crotchless teddy. I slinked over to him and ran my fingers slowly down his chest. “But I could do you a favor or two..”

Bleep! Bleep! Bleeeeeeep! Shit! It’s my alarm clock! Damn, my I’m-an-18-year-old-Victoria’s-Secret-Brazilian-Model-frolicking-with-Jon-Mullaly dream is over! Oh well, here are his pics ; )
Aww. Just look at that teeny tiny perfectly-shaped mouth. He looks like Cupid ; )
Here he is doing a James Bond.. in purple.
In Versace.
Hands off my baby!
Sure knows how to work that camera.
I'll sure have that sit-on-his-lap dream again tonight. Jon- I'll put out this time, I'm removing the batteries from my alarm clock LOL!


Reyville said...

looks snob but hot as always, one of my dream bodies... (salivate..)

Reyville said...

anyhow, i have a copy of that ICON mag... (salivate again! hehehehehe!)


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