Monday, May 28, 2007

Stopwatch Romances

What’s wrong with me? I don’t seem to measure the longevity of my relationships using a calendar. Instead I use a stopwatch. Let’s take a look at my affairs over the years. I’ll just fake names instead of their real names to protect the not-so-innocent.

Jon 60:00:00:00 Legend: Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds

I saw him at my first PLU party. He was playing pool, looking so suave, tall and unapproachable.. I on the other hand was so awkward as I was new to this. I huddled close to some twinks I just met and pretended to converse. Guess where I finally got his number? I saw his nick on MIRC and so we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet.

We went out a couple of times and he was actually the longest I was in a relationship with. I would never forget the time we made out in my boardmate’s bed and the straight guy knocking on the door while we were doing it.

The grand total? 2 months. We were both simply too immature to handle a relationship.

Don 14:00:00:00

Remember the guy from the office? That’s him. We used to be very sweet, sometimes just eat together at the pantry. It was all good, and we went out a couple of times. One time he invited me to his place (My boss incidentally was one of his housmates) and we ended up doing it in the tub since there were people everywhere- sala, bedrooms, kitchen LOL! Luckily my boss was not yet done with his shift when I left.

Total: About 2 weeks..

Bruce 05:00:00:00

The Mama’s boy I met thru an officemate. Boyish, charming and quite smart.. I was smitten and I thought I was feeling something and made the mistake of telling him. Another thing: He’s always Mama this, Mama that.. I have to go home because Mama said.. Oh dear. Next!

Total: Less than a week

Rafael 02:00:00:00

He was really great. A typical yuppie until I learned he already was in a long term relationship. We never got that intimate though (Thank God!) but the attraction eventually turned to friendship and he was actually my frequent Galera companion.

Total: 2 days

Einar 00:00:05:00

We met in a bar in Galera, one drunken night. It seemed he was straight at first, but later he bumped and grinded with me. Tipsy, and with no inhibitions, I invited him to our hotel (my now-friend Rafael was with me during this trip). We tried to do the deed but Einar was just too hammered. The relationship ended as soon as he came. The selfish bastard!



"The relationship ended as soon as he came." Literally-speaking? Hehe. :-)

Phoenix said...

Yup! I didn't think there was a connection at all.. It did got me thinking about my dating practices though..


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