Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Seres nuevamente descubiertos!!

After a grueling seven day deliberation, taxonomists from all over the world have agreed that they found five new species endemic to the Philippines, believed to have evolved from Homo sapiens. They will be revealing this to the public for the first time, so prepare yourself!!

Placentus regia. A creature believed to produce cosmetic products from her loins. Pandaca acutifolia. Now considered the smallest creature on earth.
Uragona hadhada. Mysteriously able to mate with both sexes, including with other species.
Luffa cylindrica. Gave new meaning to the words "body scrub".
Matronus maximus. Believed to have been extinct but reappeared with a vengeance. Highly venomous; please shoot immediately or otherwise hit on the head with a heavy blunt object. Clink on this link for more Madam Auring misadventures.


dazedblu* said...

grabe, yung scientific names na yan ah! so horrible but it's really hilarious.

Phoenix said...

@ dazedblu: I'm glad ya liked them = ) hihi

jena said...

i like the scientific names. i felt that i missed a great deal of learning from my taxonomy back in college. if scientific names are these easy to understand and to remember, i would have obtained grade of 1.00.

uragona hadhada, hmmm bagay ata sakin yun ha. had sex with both genders wahahahaha.

Phoenix said...

@ jena: latin names are a pain! ay naloka ako dun! hehe


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