Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Best of The Emancipation of Thadie

I know, it’s only been two weeks; too early to be showcasing “the best of”, but I’m just really, really happy about these posts ; )

For those of you who just happened upon this humble blog, I created a link to the category “Best”- these articles pretty much encapsulate the spirit of my writing. These are the most read, truly original entries that gathered the most feedback, and were a joy to write. See the titles below. Enjoy!

Top Six Indicators That Your Boyfriend is Gay
Wanna Be On Top? PNTM Cycle 2
Gym Stories
5 Common Misconceptions About Gay People—and Allow Me to Clear It Up For You
Surreal Sagada
6 Guys to Avoid
The Lad before Ladlad
Beauty IQ
Hilarious Things I Did in The Name of Beauty
Fijarme Libre!
City Girl Gets Trapped in the Boondocks With Unattractive Men
Thad Does An Ally McBeal
Underdog Wins the Third Cycle of Philippines Next Top Model

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