Friday, June 8, 2007

Beach Hunting

Just got back from Guiuan.. Whew!! My ass hurts- not from what you think, but from
sitting for three hours travelling in a van. At least the task is done..

Walking towards the clearing..

Some french guy setting up his mansion by the sea..

My favorite one. I like that bent coconut tree..

Modern day Eden.

Another shot..

A long day requires a mandatory soak in the Jacuzzi ; )

The camera almost dunks into the water..

Ahh! Nice ; )


Anonymous said...

i wish i had been there with u...i mean to enjoy d soaking thang!!! :)

Phoenix said...

yup! would have been fun to have friends around = ) guiuan is quite far nga lang pati mga kaibigan dito sa tacloban tinatamad pumunta


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