Monday, June 4, 2007

Spot the Fake

How much is too much? Look at the photos below to see how far people would go to change themselves into what they think is beautiful.
Janice Dickinson: brow lift, veneers, lips, boobs
Mystica: Fake boobs, fake nails, hair color (roots are showing!), and eye color
Dolly Parton: Cheek implants, boob job (obviously!), 1/2 pound of collagen on her lips
Jocelyn Wildenstein: Oh dear, where do I start? She turned herself into a sideshow by having enormous cheek implants, chin implants, lip augmentation, boob job, and too many face lifts. The question isn't what she had done, instead what she hasn't done.
Michael Jackson: Do I really need to explain? Only in America will you see an african-american man turn himself into a white woman, then ultimately into some creature from Planet of the Apes.

Plastic surgery, anyone?


Anonymous said...

i dunno??? hair implant perhaps! (hehehehe)

Riki The Dark said...

Michael Jackson should have stopped plastic surgery by the time "BAD" came out. He now looks like an alien creature from some Sci-fi B Movie.

Phoenix said...

When he did Thriller he already had a couple of surgeries then- and looked pretty ok. When he started to bleach the skin and get more surgeries- it was downhill from there


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