Friday, June 8, 2007

Dear Crazy

Location: Makati

Nicknames: Zuleyka, Mariangel, Mikey, Lee Bang, Anti-Zuleyka, BlueE97, DOTA101

Yup, all the same person. I tried not to get my irritation get the best of me (or this post might sound too catty again), but I let one slip and couldn’t resist the “Dear Crazy” title. (Letter to a Schizophrenic might have been a good choice too ; )

I am all for free speech (as what I have always preached); hey, everyone has a right to be heard. When I received criticism for my blog (“it is all crappy haughtiness”), I was quite ready to check my posts and somewhat make changes, if indeed the person had a point. I always appreciate feedback (good and bad), because they are usually the basis of any improvements that I have to make.

Crazy started with a semi-legitimate comment (although I always wondered why people would be so rude to someone they don’t know), apparently he/she found this blog not to his/her liking. Soon this escalated to a word-war with Crazy and his/her demon voices (This I found out after checking the IP). I knew then that he/she was not there to give constructive feedback but just to simply make a mess of my Cbox. I mentioned this to a blogger buddy, who simply said “Welcome to blogging.” So I guess this is not at all uncommon.

Though I may never understand what Crazy’s motives are, I have a few points to make:

1. When I mentioned that I went to UP, that my family was planning to get a beach property- it was not my intention to brag. Those are facts. My blog is an online journal for me and I usually write about my experiences, my plans, and my opinions.

2. When I write, I don’t usually censor my feelings. When I’m angry, sad, happy, haughty- it shows through the tone of my writing. That is just the way it is.

3. I started this blog for myself. That is the bottom line. I did not write this to please people or have people like me (otherwise I might have titled the blog “Please like me”). I am happy that there are people who genuinely like my writing, and I am aware that not everyone is a fan. Regardless of the feedback, this will remain my blog, and therefore I have the right to post whatever it is that I fancy.

With that said, I wish you all the best and I’m sure you will find the right Mental Institution for you. Thank you for giving me something to write about, and do get a life.


Mark Xander said...

This is YOUR blog! You can BRAG, throw a BITCH FIT, or sound DEPRESSED if you want to. A blog is a JOURNAL. This is where you put what you feel in words.

Welcome to blogging, my friend.

Phoenix said...

Thanks Mark ; ) didn't know there were people like that..

Mark Xander said...

No shit. There are many sick pschopaths out there. Too bitter because of how butt-ugly their faces are and so full of hate because of how flat their noses are. It's sad that you had to delete your c-box..

What you can do now is set this comments box in such a way that you do not allow anonymous comments. Everybody has to sign in to post.

But if I were you, I'd put my c-box in again and just ban the IP of the moronic twit. 'Wag kang matakot. That's the nature of blogging.. I've had my share of meat-eating haters too. And yes, the IP is per pc so they can post again in another pc - but why would they? They should love you so much to do that.. And besides, the more they come to your blog the more traffic you get. ;)

P.S. I left my phone in the car. Tinitamad akong bumaba. Will get it in a while and text you.

the spy in the sandwich said...

welcome to blogging :) we call these entertaining crazies as trolls, actually. from my experience, the best way to go abut it is to ignore them.


Every time I get a nasty comment, my first instinct is to fire a nastier comment back (and I think I've done that once, already). But as my hubby counseled me, hayaan mo na lang sila. Just be the bigger person.

Anonymous said...

another WDF!!! episode in one's blog. We're here for you thadie, we'll never tire visiting ds blog :)


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