Saturday, June 2, 2007

Nanay: Fun Fearless Female

Left: Nanay with my bro.

I know, I know. I tried revising several times, but still failed miserably- I don’t think one can put “Nanay” in an article without sounding sappy and baduy! But I do feel I need to post this homage one of the strongest women that I admire.

81 years old and still kicking. Nanay (my grandmother) is not a socialite, politician, or a known personality- in fact she didn’t even finish high school. She has lived through the Japanese occupation, endured grief of her murdered brother who was a soldier, supported her sibling’s education (one became a lawyer, the other went to live in Canada). She raised five children (my mom was the youngest female), and later took care of all her apos from infancy to their teens.

For all the education that some people get, they still fail the biggest challenges in their life. Nanay, armed with only lakas ng loob and prayers, managed to accomplish the amazing feat of being the matriarch in our family (she was widowed sometime in the 70’s). She still remains the glue that holds our family together.

She proves that one need not to be exceedingly talented, wealthy, beautiful, or intelligent to make it. And I’d be happy to be half as strong as her. (Yeah.. Me, the crybaby).

Nay, I’ll make you proud, I promise. I’ll be a good girl, boy pala ; ) Love ya!


edwin said...

hi... nice ng post mo...


Anonymous said...

astig d lola & apo (is dat u thad?)
its a nice feeling to read about family without generation gap :)

Phoenix said...

nope that's my youngest bro. my pics are on the banner hehehe


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