Thursday, June 14, 2007

Infonxx Men

I was feeling nostalgic again as I arrived home. One of the things that I liked way back when I was working at Info was the constant, fresh supply of cuties. Join me as I relive those moments ; )
I was part of the third batch of pioneer CSRs while he was batch 4. Up close, he was one of the most good looking guys I've ever laid eyes on. Pale skin, gorgeous nose, those cupid lips- he was a typical mestizo guy. I can only remember those times when the 12th floor just opened- there was a comfy recreation room slash sleeping area (it had a foozeball table and billiard table and comfortable couches which became beds for the evening people) my shift had an hour long break and I usually spend it napping. I think he knew I had a crush on him because I usually did not look him in the eye when we were talking and he caught me several times stealing glances at him at the Queue desk. I could swear he was teasing me sometimes- several times, when we had the same break, I would somehow wake up and notice that he was sitting beside me in that stuffed couch. He wasn't napping like I was (my head resting on the arm rest and my jacket wrapped around me), but he would just sit quietly beside me. I was quite timid back then so I never really acted on it ; ) but the electricity was definitely palpable. Kilig! hehe
I was already managing a team when he became a supervisor. Also straight, but man, look at that body ; ) He was tall and quite great with clothes. It was certainly fun going to work looking forward to seeing him patrol the floor. I was a bit saddened when he resigned but I guess he was given a better offer and position elsewhere.. Aww

He was one of my TM friend's CSR. This guy was certainly fun to be with and he maintained a cheerful disposition which attracted neurotic people like myself ; )

Guys, when it doesn't work out with your gf's, call me ; ) Haha


foxyreign said...

Jason is the hottest
Might be because hes topless

foxyreign said...

Its Jerson pala


Phoenix said...

Haha actually girl, si Gab yung shirtless ; ) Haay, kinda miss work.. I'd trade anything to get those moments back hehe.. Although I think I may have changed my preferences already it reminds me of how fun it was being 21 = )

Beejing said...

same here..there are a lot of that... too hot to handle! I even got this close friend that rumor has it that he's bi and yet eventually I met his BF in person! wah!

Anonymous said...

im glad ur back to blogging, and you have sets of real people dat made ur heart pump hard ;)

Phoenix said...

@ beejing: siguro we need to upgrade our gaydars hehe

@ josh: hi josh!! miss ko na mag bloghop I'll try to do it later. i was not really gone ; ) busy-busyhan lang ang lola nyo. i can't believe first week into school we already are swamped with things to do.. haay

Reyville said...

i was like that at work. may 7 crushes pa nga ako e, kala nila kinikilig ako lagi. hehe. eye candies lang sila actually. ngayon di ko na kilala ung iba kc close ko na naman sila lahat at di ko alam kung crush ko sila dati. hehehe. anyway, gwapo si number 2 ha.

Phoenix said...

@ reyville: Oo nga, he's the type to make your heart beat faster pag kayo lang sa elevator o di kaya dadaan.. Buti ka pa nagiging friend mo sila eventually- that rarely happens to me kasi nahihiya ako makipagkilala (pa-maria clara daw ang dating! LOL!)


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