Friday, June 29, 2007

Pintados 2007

The faint thump of the drums grew louder as the "Painted Ones" or the Pintados made their approach. In the blistering heat of the noonday sun, thousands of people filled the now-pedestrianized Tacloban downtown area. The roads have been closed starting around 11:30, and I found myself hurrying towards the center of the city near Sto. Niño Church to meet my friends at our usual hangout. I wiped my brow, which was nearly dripping with sweat. After walking roughly the distance of a walk from the Mantrade building to Rustans via Ayala Ave, my feet were killing me, and the screaming crowd was no help. I finally arrived at the coffee shop, and barely five minutes after I arrived, loud drums signaled the start of the parade. My friends and I hurried to RTR plaza, hoping to find a good spot.
It is a rule that if you attend the Pintados parade, you don't wear your best clothes. Makes sense, since you're likely to sweat a lot, plus someone is likely to grab you and smear paint at you. But you are not supposed to get mad, but rather join in the fun. As an initiative, my friends and I had our faces and arms painted to discourage rowdy people from slathering us with a bright yellow tint. Right across the face.
Face and body painting prior to the parade.
Colorful costumes and great performances from dancers from all
over Leyte and Samar.

Abuyog turns up the competition with their "Buyogan" (Bee) festival. Flower girl daw ba? ; )
An entry from Hilongos, Leyte. She is at a Mardi Gras, she insists, hence the beaded bra.
Cute kids performing. They were the champions last year.
The current Bb. Pilipinas World visits Tacloban.
Viva Señor Sto. Niño!


Anonymous said...

another hi-lyt of one of d Phils' best festivities :)

Phoenix said...

@ Josh: masaya, SUPER!!! = ) Haha, in high school, we were part of the ones who painted hihihi but everyone is a good sport naman

Beejing said...

So, you're from Tacloban Thad? Hehehe! Why don't you visit Cebu? Wah Enjoying Life huh?

Phoenix said...

@ Beejing: Yessir!! I also have friends working in Cebu, cguro pag vacation punta ako dyan = ) Yup, enjoy naman despite the hectic sched ..

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Oooops! I missed this one. Any more festivals in your area to see this July?

Phoenix said...

@ pisanu: here in Eastern Visayas, that was pretty much the highlight.. except for a few small festivals, no big events this month.. I'm not sure about other parts of Visayas or Luzon though.. Quezon has their Pahiyas (pretty cool too) and Cebu with their Sinulog ; )


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