Friday, June 1, 2007

6 Weird Things About Moi

1. Longest I’ve ever been with a guy: 2 months (that’s short, right?).
My hag and I always thought we were “cursed”. Neither of us had relationships that withstood the test of time (or 8 weeks in my book ; ) Damn! It might be because I’ve been too shallow in the past and refused to consider guys (and girls) that didn’t meet my criteria: a.must have penis b.must be funny c.nice looking. Or maybe those are taken, I don’t know.

2. I sleep at 7pm during school nights, and study at 3am or 4am till its time to go.
Since high school this has been my study habit.. When writing or doing any activity that requires concentration- I do it just before dawn. The silence helps (everyone’s sleeping), and the pressure to get the work done because the sun is rising certainly gives me a kick!

3. I get Déjà vus during turning points in my life.
My exit interview with the HR director. Leaving my apartment. My entrance exam for my second course. I dreamt it all before quitting my job! The angle of the scene, the clothes of people, what I said—it all comes back with such clarity. And I say to myself “Shit, I saw this before!” Had it since I was a kid.

4. I thrive on a certain amount of stress; I go crazy when there’s nothing to do.
I actually like being busy. When I’m idle I get fat, I do crazy things (like coming out to the entire school via mass e-mail), I think too much, I create a blog.. Hahahaha!

5. I almost always read people accurately; my first impressions are usually correct.
From their motives to their intentions, I am almost never wrong. Unconsciously, I filter people out- the way the talk, what they are saying, and how they behave (not always on the way they dress)- and I kind of get a clear picture of the person inside.

6. When I see a great movie, like the whimsical LOTR I prefer to watch them by myself.
When I’m with friends I get distracted, or with a date I’m doing something else ; ) Seriously, art films and other greats are best experienced by yourself. I simply lose myself in the scenes!


Anonymous said...

hey we have d same study habit. Memorization is easier when it is silent in d early morning & one crams like hell, hehehe


I also get Deja Vus. It really makes me wonder why this happens. Opposite tayo when it comes to studying. Ako, I want a little noise. Otherwise, I'd just fall asleep.


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