Friday, June 1, 2007

Gym Stories 2 (Sweat Diaries)

With all willpower and physical strength I could muster, I finally got up at 10am this morning. My appointment with my trainer is always at 9am, but duh, I’m certainly going to enjoy the last two weeks before school starts again (which means getting up at 5am)! So I finally get ready and leave for the gym.

I arrived already sweaty, not because I did my cardio already but because the aircon was off- and it was like a thousand degrees inside. The windows were open but they didn’t help. I got up on the treadmill and grudgingly started. Hmm.. Looking around, I saw a few interesting guys today- a few cuties here and there, but the icing on the cake was the guy wearing green cycling shorts. It was so short it almost looked like skivvies. He was wearing a tank top that unfortunately failed to cover the groin area. Yipee!! I smiled to myself. What a perfect day to be at the gym. The guy didn’t have a head-turning face, but the build was.

I started my program. While I was doing leg lifts, he kept passing by. Picking up some weights he was going to use. The best part, of course was when he did the bench press. Honey, I never quite noticed till then that the lycra outlined every contour of the family jewels.

Damn! I could not concentrate! How can I? It was the size of a 100ml mineral water bottle. It was pure torture doing 3 sets while I was thirsty. But I turned that into a positive by thinking one more and you’re gonna get that!! (hehe) After finishing, I went over and grabbed.. my bottle. A friend of his went over to spot him. I guess playtime is over, I thought as I looked away and went back to my routine.

At least this gives me another reason not to quit the gym ; )

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