Sunday, June 3, 2007

Classic Booba

Dumb blonde took on new meaning as the buxom Booba exploded into the silver screen a number of years ago. I enjoyed this movie so much (so campy and outrageous!) I even bought a copy. Let us look back at the most hilarious elements and scenes of the movie:

The Cast
Ruffa Mae is in her element playing Booba. I love the way she talks! I get laughs even when she’s not delivering a punchline. Remember when she played VJ Bongita (impersonating Donita Rose) on Bubble Gang? Love it!

Aiai delas Alas is her cruel older sister who runs a syndicate. I couldn’t stop giggling when she says to Booba (who only wore panties and stars on her breasts) in the end, “Ang laswa mo talaga! Ang mga bituin, dapat sa langit, hindi sa suso!”

Gina Pareno as their red-blooded Lola. We soon learn where the girls got their endowments as Ms. Pareno reveals major cleavage throughout the entire movie.


Booba walking away from the burning bahay kubo, where she thought Gina Pareno lay dead. Gina: “Booba, putang ina mo buhay pa ako!!!”

Booba replies: “Ganyan talaga ang buhay, parang gulong. Minsan nasusunog.”

Booba after taking a bath (with a lot of peeping toms looking on) says to the landlord: “Dapat takpan nyo yung mga butas sa CR, kasi baka magka-numonya ang mga boarders nyo.”

After a kidnapper gropes her breast: “Magkaka breast cancer ako sa inyo, e!”

They had a chinese antagonist named “Eng Bitin”

Booba rides Gary Estrada on the table, cries out “Mabuhay and bansang Pilipinas!!”, has an orgasm, them kisses Gary on the cheek. “Thank you ha.”

As Gary Estrada (Booba’s paramour) lies dying on a hospital bed, Booba revives him by giving him a blowjob! Funny!! There were more actually, but my copy was borrowed by my cousin (for about a year now) and hasn’t returned it. I want my Booba back!!

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Anonymous said...

ahahahaha! i luv it da way you run down the sequence of events! musta na rufa & eric?

how da movie with sen. bong "Final Answer yata yun". Try to rent it kung d mo pa napanood. From start to finish, i just belted my heart out laughing!


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