Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Look of Love (Part 2)

The wind was cold on my cheeks as we walked towards the beach. I had taken my shirt off in the bar, but I was too drunk to care about going back and retrieving it.
Yuri's hand was warm and I locked my fingers and leaned close to him. We were silent, and I could only hear the music faintly thumping from the bars a distance away.
He gestures and we sit on the sand. I could only see the light of the moon reflecting in those eyes. My thoughts were wrapped in a cloud that floated lazily in my mind. It seemed things moved in slow motion to me. I turned to look at his face as I placed my hand on the buckle of his belt.
He hasn't uttered a word since we separated from the crowd, but I felt his warm breath on my neck. I put my hands under his shirt and felt his stomach and those little hairs that tickled my fingers. I moved my face close to his, but I didn't kiss him. Maybe I wanted him to make the move. My hands went south again.
I touch the front of his jeans, but I didn't unzip him. Through the haze, my thoughts couldn't seem to form coherently. I wanted him to make the move. I was sending out all the signals, and my hands were telling him eloquently what I wanted, but apart from his excitement, he remained silent.
A few drunk girls pass by noisily, laughing at some anecdote they shared amongst themselves. "I need to go get my shirt from our room." I said, "Go with me."
We get up and start to walk towards our hotel. Some of the bars were closing up. The moon was still bright, illuminating the bancas moored near the shore. I saw the light coming from our window.. my friends must have headed home already. In the dark path shaded by a canopy of bouggainvilea shrubs, I turned to face him. "Let's spend the night together." I can only see his silhouette, but not his eyes. He was trying to tell me something, but I didn't know what it was, so I just stood there, holding his hand.
The next morning, I saw him again, just a glimpse as our boat start to head to Batangas. The waters looked so much like the color of his eyes. He was walking on the shore, and beside him, the guy he was with on his date last night.


Anonymous said...

so wat kaya was he telling u? matinik sa bougavilla di ba (hehehhe)

Mark Xander said...

I'm luvin' the new header, Thad..

mink_twink said...

im still a little bit confused on what really happened. hehe

Phoenix said...

@ mink_twink: I didn't go home with him that night

runawaycat said...

What did he want anyway? I mean he has a date but yet still took a walk with you. It's like saying he wants it too.

Phoenix said...

@ runawaycat: i guess he wanted it like a one-way thing- for me to make the move.. but since this happened way before my "dunkin donuts phase" (see post on fast love) i felt that it wasn't worth it and so we just called it a night

Mark Xander said...

We miss your regular updates. :(

Me. Hate. Nursing. School.

Phoenix said...

@ mark xander: school's ok naman, if a bit hectic and demanding.. it blogging I miss, and friends, and lakwatsa!! hehe ; )


Awww. Well, maybe next time, you'll see him again. If you do, be the aggressor. Grab his freaking B*lls. :-)

Phoenix said...

@ misterhubs: haha! naloka naman ako sa advice mo = )

Anonymous said...

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