Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Romeo and Juliet, TV Style

Falling in love.. first kiss..
The Break-up.
Ross gets married.. and says Rachel's name
"I'm still in love with you, Ross."
Drunken couple elopes in Vegas..
.. and then gets divorced.
Have a baby together by a drunken mistake..
And in the end.
Final scene in Friends shows an empty apartment.
This was one of my all time favorite sitcoms. The final scene never fails to tug at my heart- it reminds me of the time when I moved out and moved on (hmm probably the biggest change I've made in my life.. basta ; ). Like that sitcom, I guess it is a closed chapter already, and I'm quite ready to make new memories ; )



My favorite among the friends is Phoebe. Super nakakaaliw ka-weirdohan niya. Lalo na yung smelly cat song. :)

Phoenix said...

i have the music video of that! meron ata sa youtube ; ) Phoebe is a hoot!

josh said...

same here,i like her being a smart-dumb ass character. Para syang di makabasag pinggan (unlike her twin porno sister!)

Reyville said...

i guess the ending's cool too. i'm not a fanatic, but i watched all the episodes that i had the chance to.


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