Friday, June 1, 2007

Flaky Women

This article is associated with my previous post "The Truth About Straight Men as Told by A Man, and What I Have to Say". (Click on the link to show the full article.) This was supposedly the reply of women to the men's post. Now, it wouldn't be fun if I don't get to voice out my thoughts.. so here they are (in red font) :
The truth about women, as told by a flaky girl.
1. Malambing. All women are malambing. It's a universal truth. But to tell you frankly guys, it's not really our fault. Kasi u guys sometimes forget to make pansin your gf's e. If we are not malambing then how would the human race procreate? It's a woman's nature to be "malambing" kaya wag niyo kaming sisisihin kung madalas kami maging mushy. DO you ever imagine kung puro guys nalang ang mundo! (I did!! FUN!) Nothing will ever balance it around. A classic example: Diba pag may nag-susuntukan na 2 guys, pag guys din ang umaawat between them sobrang gusto pang kumawala ng nag-aaway na guys...pero pag girl ang umaawat... tameme silang mga guys... Kase women balance the WORLD! That is how God made us...

C-L-I-N-G-Y. Learn the difference between affection and sticking like a Velcro strip. And dear, for the record, Homos balance the world.

2. Lovers (sobra!). This is true, you know. Meron kasing mga bagay na hindi naming kayang itago. masyado kaming ma-emote. We try to hide things and if we cant hide it anymore,we literally explode! Madrama kami.This tactic is perfected thru time kaya yung ibang girls eh medyo natural na sa kanila ang magdrama. Masyado kaming concentrated sa love. Diba...majority of guys are so not into this type, they feel na a man should act like a man! Pero hello... guys wonder so much kase why girls can hold hands together(straight girls, ok!) without feeling insecure but straight men can't! -WHY??? kase you guys always want to keep your ego oozing out like hell! You should definitely feel us to really knowus, y'know!

Oh yeah? You want guys to hold hands? To kiss and screw? C'mon.
3. I'm your girl! We must have this feeling that we always have your attention. Ayaw naming me kahati kami. Ayaw naming me kahati kami at higit sa lahat Ayaw naming me kahati kami. got that?

4. Baby. We want to be treated like a baby. You must have time for us. Wag laging barkada. We always have the need to have those "romantic nights". Its such a different feeling being with your bf. Because we get to cuddle, kiss, hug....Kase kayong guys always want to have more babies even big, sexy babies!...and you reason out na its human naturefor you to procreate????C'mon!

I’ll treat you like a baby, alright. I’ll bottlefeed you, change your diaper, and teach you how to talk..
5. Makulet. We are sumtimes just plain makulet. This scenario happens all the time: GF asks the Bf why he is quiet, the bf says"nothing", then the gf says there's sumthing wrong, the gf insists that there is sumthing wrong when there is really not until a word war comes out. Pero baket naman nga you cant reason out why you're so quiet? The world knows guys are one-track-minded daw! Unlike women where we can't really decide and frequently change our minds at the last minute... then if you say nothing...then why do you act so different! THERE REALLY IS SOMETHING... the trick here guys: just reason out somthing different from the real reason why you feel thatway... y'know! you're good naman in making excuses e diba? ...Actually guys,we are not as lame and quiet as you are,even with our buddies. Can you notice that we sometimes just cant stop talkin?We like chattin even when there's really nothing to be said... like now.hehe......

The guys have a point. You need to shut up every once in a while. Silence for 15 minutes? I felt like my eardrums just popped.. Sheesh! Honey, get some therapy, that might help.

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