Sunday, June 3, 2007

Emancipation From The Viewpoint of a Woman

Let us hear what a woman has to say after reading The Emancipation of Thadie. (I have been begging for feedback from straight people.)

A soapbox of sudsy thoughts, interesting and eye-catching bylines, and well written piece of work by someone who calls himself as “PHOENIX”.

This guy (or gal) is hilarious! It is quite obvious from his daily entries that this guy’s got talent. He knows how to play with words with the way he expresses himself through his writings. I always try to stay updated with what he writes in his blog. I can tell you, it can be addictive. It can either be a feature on ANTM or PNTM, pics and commentaries on hot guys, a walk down his memory lane, fashion tips and dating tips, or just ramblings of a weary mind.So what’s my most favorite entry so far?

5 Common Misconceptions About Gay People – and allow me to clear it up For You” is my most favorite. Why, you ask? Let’s face it people are still narrow-minded when it comes to this aspect. To quote Phoenix, “SEXUAL ORIENTATION SHOULD NEVER BE AN ISSUE, as much as race, gender, and social status. These should never be basis for discrimination.” Bottom line? We are all human beings and we all feel. So why be judgmental? Why worry and bitch about somebody else’s sexual orientation or religious preferences when there’s more to life than that? There’s poverty, there’s war, and there’s politics. Whoa! I’m getting off the trail here…
Anyways, keep reading this blog. I know there is more to come and a whole lot of surprises just around the corner.


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