Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Hodgepodge of Memories

I was recently tagged by Misterhubs, and I’m supposed to do an article on my funniest childhood memory. I couldn't quite decide on writing about a particular incident, so I just listed a jumble of memories that I thought showed my personality as a kid.

How I thought some phrases meant when I was a child:

Dressed chicken- a chicken with clothes.

True-to-life story- the actor dies for real, but how come Lorna Tolentino is still alive, promoting the movie? I wondered.

Legal dictionary- I thought that all other dictionaries were “illegally printed”.

Not for Hire- akala ko Not for Here, e kung hindi yun para dito, para saan?

Reg. Phil. Pat. Off
on Coca Cola bottles- I thought was someone’s name.

I learned the words Mystique, invulnerable, and sinister quite early- I collected trading cards. I would save my P5 baon by walking to school, not taking my snack, and later savoring the moment as I ripped the plastic cover of assorted trading cards. Totally worth it!

Prayed really hard so I could win the school supplies raffle (a watercolor set), and was mad at God for a week because He let somebody else win.

I thought Lilet was pretty and would watch That’s Entertainment to see fans put flowers on their favorite stars. I pitied her because her braces looked like a torture device; I swear I saw her mouth bleed once.

At around 8 years old, I lectured our 9 yr old neighbor's kid on proper manners, because she always annoys me when she comes over our house and eats our food. I put matters to my own hands, much to my mom’s dismay. I pulled the kid aside one afternoon, and in our front yard, I dramatically revealed all my grievances, Cherie Gil-style.

I thought eating balot was cruel. I pitied the tiny chick so I only ate the yolk

I would cover my eyes when there were kissing scenes on tv, but in my teens, I actually snuck inside a movie theater showing an R18 movie.

There was a fire near our house in Proj 6 when I was 7 years old and Nanay pulled my brother and me to safety. A block from our house, I trudged reluctantly because I was mad at Nanay for not giving me time to look for my slippers. I thought: how embarrassing to be walking around with no slippers!

I was afraid of Bella Flores.

I cried at this pic of mama with a sea on the background because I thought she was leaving, and I was sad.

I cried at an open forum during homeroom when I told my classmates that my bestfriend Nathan had started hanging out with other kids and he was “slipping away”.

Hmm quite the drama queen from way back when, haha! I see most bloggers have been tagged already.. I'm gonna choose Mink, Joel, and Mark, my friend & online crush hehe ; )



"I would cover my eyes when there were kissing scenes on tv" -> I also did this as a kid because my parents wouldn't let me watch kissing scenes of any kind.

Thanks for playing the meme. :-)

mink_twink said...

yeheyyy im tagged, thanks, ill do it after my work!!!

Phoenix said...

@ misterhubs: i had fun recalling the crazyness those days ; )

@ mink: aabangan ko yan!!

Anonymous said...

childhood memories... interesting ;) Who's d guy in d "dressed chiken"? C brad pit kaya?

Phoenix said...

@ josh: can't say who ; ) I saw you've already joined the meme, someone must have tagged you way ahead of me = )


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