Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Erotica and Other Stories

Men are visually oriented. On sexual terms, men (both straight and gay) are turned on by visually explicit material- as opposed to women who gets aroused more by touch. Erotica or erotic writing is a less popular choice in comparison to videos and pictures. The difference between them is that erotica allows the imagination to take over. Visual stimulation is much more parallel to voyeurism, while erotica is somewhat closer to roleplay- it allows the reader to “put” himself into the scene and "experience" what is described.

Art and Pornography

The human form has always been the subject of controversy. Where do we draw the line between art and pornography? Is there a difference between the two? Sex has always been used to sell- from films, to print ads, to even books (remember Jackie Collins or Sidney Sheldon?). There is nudity, and an obvious display of passion, and yet these are also present in (legitimate) art. Perhaps it has always been part of human life- and will always be present as an expression of human sexuality.

The Problem with Pornography

Pornography, in my opinion, is not the problem per se. Provided that mature materials are actually just available to mature audiences, then I don’t see what the big deal is. I doubt if there’s anything there that adults haven’t seen or experienced before. When it gets into the hands of a younger populace, then there is a problem. Pornography plants malice in young minds; minds that are still unable to grasp fully ideas of love and affection, relationships and the realities and complications of sex.

Fantasy and Reality

I once read some pretty interesting, risqué (why shouldn’t it be?) erotica. Taboo sexual relations that would never happen in real life. I asked the author who posted it, “Am I a deviant if I say I found them interesting?” To which he replied, “Those are just fantasies.” And I realized he was right. There is a difference between thinking it and actually doing it (but your Values Education teacher probably told you otherwise, which I think is a good thing especially for a young, curious mind). As adults, we are able to draw the line. Fantasizing about your friend’s sexy sweetheart is different from actually grabbing your friend’s sweetheart’s ass. Wouldn’t it be funny if the police comes up to you and say, “You are under arrest for lascivious conduct with all the 69 Cosmo Bachelors in your mind.” Fantasies are fantasies, and should not be censored. And yes, it is different from reality.

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Anonymous said...

Even d hard porn (i like belami's production :) ) r all fantasy, or r they like instruction materials to liven up one's intimate life??? at ur own risk of broken bones c guro (hehehehe)

I remember 2loy an episode of d simpson when d springfield community were scandalized of Marge for endorsing d Xhibit of Micheangelo's David!

I like dat song EROTICA by grand dame MADONNA


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