Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How Homophobic Are You?

When a rainbow-garbed trannie sits beside you, you think:
a. Ay! We are the world! Miss Kenya and drama nya!
b. It’s ok, it doesn’t bother me.
c. Shit, I gotta move elsewhere.

You hear Madonna’s catchy new hit on the radio, you:
a. Dance like there’s no tomorrow, and worry about what the perfect outfit to go with the theme of the song.
b. Bop your head to the beat!
c. Turn it off, too girly.

One of your schoolmates just came out, you think:
a. Bongga!
b. Pat the person on the back- hey, that takes courage to do.
c. Stay away from this guy, he might infect you with it.

An openly gay athlete wins a match at basketball, you:
a. Cheer loudly!
b. Congratulate him.
c. Curse and spit, how come that faggot won?

An effeminate schoolmate moves in your dorm. You:
a. Make room for him.
b. Welcome him.
c. Dress inside the bathroom, hey he is probably checking your butt out everytime.

You observe a slight effeminate quality in an old friend from high school, you:

a. Catch up on all the gossip.
b. Don’t really mind.
c. Tell him, “magpaka-lalaki ka nga”

An openly gay, bitchy, brilliant officemate becomes your supervisor, you think:
a. Keri! This is gonna be fun!
b. I think we’ll get along.
c. If he gives me extra work, I’ll beat his sissy ass. How did he get that job? I do a lot better work than that fag.

If you answered mostly A's: Honey, welcome to the club!! You'll get your kit in two to three weeks ; ) Have fun with it and don't let people get you down!
If you answered mostly B's: Bravo! One doesn't need to be gay to understand the plight of gay people. You are empathic; you also know every person deserves respect and you give it to them. We need more people like you = )
If you answered mostly C's: Go back to the jungle, Tarzan. What you are doing is wrong, and you know it. Get some education.

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