Tuesday, June 5, 2007

1,460 Bad Hair Days

Snip, snip, snip. I always cringe a bit every time I’m in the barber’s seat. Yeah, you heard me right. I took a hiatus from my regular stylist because I did something drastic early this summer- I cut all my hair off. Semi-kalbo seemed all the rage those days, and so I tried it. Big mistake! The last time I did that was for CAT in high school, and I looked like Mr. Potato Head. I thought it would be sexy on me ten years later, but it turns out Mr. Potato Head ten years later still isn’t sexy. Some faces look good without much hair, but for me, I need those locks!

As I’m waiting for all of it to grow back, I can't return to “her”. I’ll just make up a story that I was not in town or something. The only thing is that I’m stuck with the barber for now (there’s not much hair to work with anyway). Don’t get me wrong, he seems competent enough (he even gives a backrub in the end hehe), but the thing about these 50-bucks-a-cut places is that they cut heads not faces. Nope, he doesn’t care if your face is round, square, oval or what. One size fits all. Snip, snip, snip, next! I give a tip bigger than the fee, just to emphasize that I need a decent cut to go with my face. So far, I’m hanging in here.

I miss Jen, my old stylist from F Salon in Greenbelt. She knew what she was doing. I don’t even have to explain what I want, she also suggests which new styles to try, or how to do my hair during night outs. It’s hard to find a decent stylist here in the province (needle in a haystack!). But after careful search, and repeated bad experiences, I finally happened upon a fairly competent one at David’s. I better not get this one pissed at me, or I might get another potato head ‘do.


Anonymous said...

me, skin head/calbs, no choice. sign of wisdom cguro (ngeheheh, i have relatives who lost their hair kc when they were still young, young daw oh) :)

When i decided to do d bald thing, i thougt mas makakatipid ko sa pagupit..? no siree, i had to go to d barbershop every week para pantay pantay ang tubo ng hair ;(

Phoenix said...

buy an electric clipper. my bro uses it ok naman


I used to experiment with different salons, different stylists before. Now, I just stick to one: Jesse of Fabio Salsa at Powerplant. At least, I know I'm getting a good haircut every time.

Phoenix said...

Hmm I might pay him a visit in July hehe ; ) I'm not sure if my stylist is still with F, Jen was thinking of leaving before


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