Saturday, June 2, 2007

Dating Lingo: Read Between The Lines

Thanks to my recent Friends marathon, I got these pointers on how to decipher what your date is saying.
What they say:
"We should do this again sometime.."
What they really mean is:
"You will never see me naked!"
What they say:
"Maybe we should see other people.."
What they really mean is:
"Ha-ha I already am!"

What they say:
"It’s not you.."
What they really mean is:
"It's YOU."

What they say:
"I need some time to think.."
What they really mean is:
"It's over!"

Boy: "Wanna get together tonight?" Girl: "We'll see.."
What she really was saying: "NO!! I'd rather be boiled alive than be stuck with you!"

What he says: "You are a beautiful woman/ pretty girl."
What he really means: What great tits you have!

What they say: "Wanna come up for a drink?"
What they really mean is: "I've got fur handcuffs upstairs and I want to use them on you!"

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