Sunday, October 21, 2007

Top Booba Moments

Ring ring!

CSR: “Pizza hut, how can I help you?”

Thad: “Mag-oorder po ng pizza.”
CSR: “Anong variety, Sir?”

Thad: “Ano po yung pinaka-mura?”

CSR: (snickers)

Applying at Leyte National High School:

“Ma’am, i-confirm ko lang po yung requirements. Report card, Long brown envelope, at one times one ID picture?”


In my nervousness at meeting a very good looking, intelligent guy, he said something but it just slipped by. I realized he was waiting for a response because he was looking at me intently.

I turned to the person beside me and asked in a loud voice, “Ano daw?”

Boy, that was the last I saw of him.

CSR Thad, looking for sympathy from a Team Manager.
Thad: “Mother, na-suspend ako!”

TM: “Maldita ka kasi!”

Grade 3, Science and Technology recitation, I was asked to define science.

“Science is a large body of knowledge…” (Forgets the rest) …“found in the dictionary.”

Director: “Why should we promote you to ACCM over the rest of the candidates?”

“Uhhh. Umm.” I blacked out. Totally.

I felt like a beauty contestant who was just asked, “Which would you rather be, very beautiful, or very intelligent.” And then she freezes and her silence already gave the obvious answer.

I could have answered because of my strong performance as a TM. Because of my team statistics. Because of my projects implemented company-wide. Because I can handle the job better than most TMs. Because I can multi-task. Because I got my team of 27 pasaways to get 99.7% attendance for the past quarter, damn it!

“Because I’m creative.” I stammered. (Art contest ba ito?)

Director: (Ano daw???)

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