Saturday, October 20, 2007

8 Random Things

I was tagged by John of Adventures of an Exiled Aristocrat, so here are eight random things about me.
1. Too much Anima.

I’ll never have any attraction for women. That’s for sure; I’ve got too much feminine energy in me. Same polar sides of magnets repel and opposites attract, hence I am naturally attracted to guys who possess my much-needed masculine energy.

This is not to say I despise women. I love my girl friends, but of course, never in a romantic way.
2. Oral fixation: I like to eat.. a lot.

Let’s see, I love seafood and anything ginataan. I like sweets, exotic flavors like preserved fruits and berries, and ice cream. I love junk food. I’m inclined to think I’m predisposed to gain weight when I’m older, in case my metabolism decreases.

Hmm.. something fat free, tangy, and low calorie? Oh yeah, I like that flavor too. You know what it is (wink,wink).
3. I’m a Scorpio.

Enough said.
4. I am really reserved in person (charot!), until we become friends.

It’s true. Ask any person in school or at the office. At first, they thought I was this ruler-straight, dean’s lister goody-goody. Till we become friends, and you get to know “the real me” (refer to me photo).

5. Ex-drama queen.

Let me first define the subspecies of this order. First, there are those who bitch and whine, and are likely to throw a hissy fit in public. And those that are a little sensitive, yet still act in a logical, rational manner.

I belong to the second group. I have a hyper-active hypothalamus, and the emotions I feel can be overwhelming sometimes. But I usually write them down or translate those in a photograph or some piece of collage. In a way, I think its part of having a developed right brain (emotions and other creative processes), nonetheless leftie (the part that deals with logic and math) helps by regulating the response.
6. I like kids.

I want to have one someday. How that’s possible, we don’t know. Haha! IVF? Adoption? For now I’m content with my 9month old nephew who just learned how to crawl. (Go Gavin!)

When you get home from a tough day, the little angel is always happy and that takes away all your troubles. = )
7. I like the smell of musk.

It’s very close to the natural scent of a man. Sometimes, early in the morning, you smell traces of it on your pillow and it’s like your S.O. is beside you.
8. The beach is my favorite place.

‘Di ba obvious? Hehe There’s something about the ocean that’s relaxing. Plus, you know that it’s full of riches (my favorite seafoods!) just within your reach.

Lying on the sand in your favorite bathing suit (you can’t do that in a forest!), worry free, the sun shining, and the breeze cooling your skin. An oh, your kebab is about to be served with a fruit shake. Can it get any better?

Yup. A guy in skimpy trunks walking past.

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