Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On Beauty

Vanity is my favorite sin. I guess everyone is a little guilty, considering how much people these days put so much value in looks. We are constantly bombarded by advertisements, magazines, and other media, telling us to be thinner, smoother, younger-looking, and more muscular. For us regular folk, we scramble to get a gym membership, buy the latest creams endorsed by some airbrushed celebrity, and eagerly anticipate the results. Admittedly, we do get mileage from our looks- and perhaps that’s why people invest their time and hard-earned cash.

How much is too much? The availability of cosmetics, anti-aging treatments, and even plastic surgery takes it to another level. Small breasts? Get implants. Unhappy with your nose? For as low as 15,000, you can have it corrected. Is it really necessary? That is the question that needs to be pondered before doing something drastic. A new nose can’t give you happiness, that’s for sure.

Despite all the hoopla, I do have my personal limits as to how far I go. Braces, yes, contact lenses in place of glasses, yes, but surgery, no. Out of curiosity, I got this mask pattern which supposedly gives the ideal proportions. Beautiful people would usually fit the planes when it is superimposed to their photo (I saw a segment on BBC with Liz Hurley as the model and her face fit perfectly). For fun, I used the mask on my head shot and this was what I got (refer to the photo).

I had a funny thought while I was tinkering with Photoshop: say, in a world where everyone’s face fits the mask, wouldn’t we all look the same? I think we find people beautiful because of their uniqueness. As the cliché goes- it’s the imperfections that we learn to love. So I guess I’ll stick with my wide nose and big lips. Besides, in the end, it is the character and personality of the person that connects and builds relationships with others.


Pageant Buff said...

And so is mine. I've been vain since college. I'm so inloved with a porcelain or fair skin. I'm doing everything now just to obtain it. I've been more into facial care. I even take glutathione just to make my skin fairer. If possible, I want to have that kisaeng or geisha skin. It's being Asian though. Hehehe.

Pageant Buff said...

I have pout lips and I love it since most people do. On the other hand, I hate my nose. It's not flat or wide though, but it's too Asian. I want to have that aquiline shape like those of both former Miss Universe Oxana Fedorova and Natalie Glebova, as well as Hollywood Aussie star Nicole Kidman. I have a plan to get it done, but I'm scared of the effect.

Phoenix said...

@ pageant buff: ang taray ng mga plans mo ate! fair skin is ok when you are born with it.. pero i actually find darker skin sexy (di ba si Miriam Q?)basta pantay.

Siguro brainwashed tayo to think that caucasian features are better. Baka kasi di bumagay ang masyadong matangos na ilong sa asian na features.. We just have to make do with what God gave us = ) Ako guilty din, cause I like wearing contact lens haha makes the eyes stand out.

Pageant Buff said...

I'm tagging you on my blog with the theme Desktop. Please, post your own version. I wanna know what's on your desktop.

Pageant Buff said...

To phoenix: Hehehehe...Honestly, fair-skinned naman talaga ako, but I want my skin become even fairer. People sometimes mistaken me with Chinese blood dahil may pagkasingkit lang siguro ako. But I'm no Chinese. On the other hand, I love Miriam's skin dahil bagay sa kanya pero hindi sa'kin. Yeah, many of us are brainwashed with the caucasian features. Make it different from me. I'm not envious with their skin. I would still prefer the Asian skin like those of Koreans and Japanese.


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